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“We strive to achieve the highest efficiencies, lowest emissions and best project economics; a win-win for industrials, investors and the environment.”

Regardless of who will own the project, we approach every opportunity as if we are going to develop, build, own and operate it ourselves.  We ask the right questions, evaluate the technical requirements, and build a working relationship by understanding the risk and reliability issues as well as drivers such as capital avoidance for boiler upgrades or alleviation of electrical distribution problems.  We offer complete transparency with our assumptions, methods and results.  If results indicate that the project has significant benefits but does not meet internal return hurdles, we stand ready to explore 3rd party development and ownership options that may provide value and act as a hedge against power and gas market variability.


Integral Power Engineering is set apart by our development expertise and years of scar tissue evaluating cogen across a full spectrum of industries and market conditions. We have over 50 combined years of experience and networking in the CHP industry, which has kept us up-to-date with all of the latest technologies and vendors in the industry.


IP Engineering is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and fully insured to meet plant site requirements. We offer the following consulting services for Combined Heat & Power projects:

  • Project feasibility studies
  • Thermal cycle development
  • Proforma development
  • Preliminary project schedule development
  • Asset optimization
  • Owners Engineering
  • Expert Witness testimony


IP Engineering uses these state-of-the-industry modeling tools for evaluation:

  • GTPro …thermal cycle configuration and performance
  • GTMaster …off-design performance
  • Thermoflow-PEACE …cost estimation
  • Power System modeling …short circuit and load flow analyses
  • Microsoft Project …scheduling
  • AutoCAD …plot plans, electrical one-line sketches